For over 30 years, Carolina Shutters & Blinds has served the Greater Charlotte, Triad and Triangle communities of North Carolina. We’ve given it everything to build a reputation for the best window treatments and providing unmatched customer service.

But we know that you have many platforms and venues where you can shop for products to enhance your homes, offices and retail stores: online and brick and mortar, locally in North Carolina, elsewhere in the United States and overseas.

Please, before making your selection of products, consider what we believe a top-quality window treatments supplier should provide.

  1. Local Expertise
    Community experience is essential. Carolina Shutter & Blinds is a locally owned company; our employees and vendors are neighbors of those we serve. We have years designing and installing our shutters, shades and blinds to satisfy their needs and match local styles.They care about the reputation of Carolina Shutters & Blinds and the reputation of products built here in North Carolina. The carpenters and craftspeople in our factory build our custom plantation shutters to exacting standards. They care about what our warranty promises.

    In addition, our installers are long-term employees of Carolina Shutter & Blinds, not random subcontractors brought in, often without experience with the products. Our installers’ sole focus is window coverings, and their attention to detail is demonstrated in every window they cover.
    And, because we manufacture our shutters locally, we match the window construction and trim details of area builders; we know these companies and their unique methods because we collaborate with them all the time. Shouldn’t your shutter, shade or blind be made just for your home, not for just anyone’s?

  2. American Made
    Buying locally made is buying American. Hand-made craftsmanship matters. Carolina Blinds & Shutters is your dependable big-box and offshore alternative. Before assuming that overseas means underpriced, closely compare all of the costs.Consider the advantages of local shipping and distribution and that getting products quickly is often difficult from high-volume online sources, especially those manufacturing off shore and in extreme circumstances, such as COVID-19. And how about servicing these products quickly and completely?

    Our plantation shutters are 99% American made, in Piedmont, North Carolina. About 70% of the products we sell are North Carolina crafted, and our #1-selling blind is also Carolina native.

    Do you really know what you are buying on internet sites? Are these products being made under the same protocols directing American-made products?

    Are they safe? What’s in them? They may contain potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can affect the health of those sensitive to them. Not all countries protect consumers from these as does the United States through our various federal and state agencies.

    And, cheap materials are often the reason why the price is cheaper. Hollow vinyl, for example, often found in less-reliable lesser-quality shutters, can warp over time. Poorly made shutters will require repair, if possible, or early replacement.

    And, who’s making them? Is the company treating its workers fairly and paying them fairly?

  3. Custom Products
    Another point to consider is the advantage of custom work.Will someone from the manufacturing company visit your home to measure for the products to ensure correct fit? California Blinds & Shutters does this as part of its normal process. Off the shelf sounds good, without complication. But custom means that it’s made for your home and no one else’s. Custom means quality, not just for a few weeks just to sell your home but for years to live in it, entertain in it, enjoy it.

    If a window treatment doesn’t fit, this may reduce your ability to control light into the space. What’s more annoying than a crease of sunlight flashing into a room that you want darkened? This can also decrease energy efficiency, admitting cold air during the winter and costly generated heat out, and hot ambient air in during the summer and air-conditioned air out. What’s more, if a shade, shutter or blind doesn’t fit, is the resulting stress worth it?

  4. Customer-Centric Local Service
    In thinking about purchasing your window coverings, consider the full buying process of selection through installation, post-installation service and warranty protection. From the beginning, can you expect hands-on customer service or will you be speaking with a person on an impersonal internet chat line in who knows where or a fuzzy phone line a date line away?To get each project started, Carolina Blinds & Shutters offers a free in-home consultation or works with you and your builder while you’re still in the design stage. Experienced and knowledgeable product consultants will chat with you about your needs for plantation shutters and other window treatments. They will make suggestions for style, color, texture, fabric and budget. They will listen and won’t try to upsell you just to pad the bill; their interest is your space. What we quote is what we bill, unless you request changes.

    And, because Carolina Blinds & Shutters is a local manufacturer, we control our lead times and offer the industry’s fastest custom shutter projects while still ensuring you the highest quality standards. You can have your plantation shutters installed in as few as three weeks. Our custom shop here in North Carolina assigns projects to fabricators who work on one project at a time. They’re not targeting volume for shipment worldwide; they’re working for you.

    In addition, because Carolina Shutter & Blinds doesn’t rely on international shipments to supply and craft your custom plantation shutters, we also service what we sell with immediately available on-the-shelf parts. Our limited lifetime warranty is made stronger by the speed we resolve any concerns you might have.

    We have three local offices in North Carolina, including Winston-Salem in the Triad area. Returning products through the internet can be challenging, and people waste valuable time on the phone and the keyboard trying to resolve issues with people thousands of miles away. Carolina Blinds & Shutters is right next door.

  5. A Local Business
    Carolina Shutter & Blinds employs local workers, pays local taxes and supports local causes. Buying American-made plantation shutters supports our thriving community and economy. And our customers repeatedly tell us they want to buy from neighbors they trust. Please check us out on line for testimonials.Let’s get started?

    Please call us to set up an appointment: