Quality window-coverings provide three major benefits for your living and working spaces– beauty, privacy, and lighting/temperature control. In addition to enhancing our home and office environments, window coverings also allow us control over our comfort level depending upon the season of the year and lifestyle needs.

For 30 years, Carolina Shutter & Blinds has been manufacturing the finest shutters, blinds, and shades for homes, offices, and retail businesses for our neighbors in the Triad, Triangle, and Charlotte communities of North Carolina. We also have clients throughout the country who have heard and read about us.

Our ownership is local, our manufacturing is local, and our designers and installers are local. Everyone at Carolina Shutter & Blinds is committed to the reputation of our service, the quality of our products, and the integrity of our warranties. The advantages of buying Carolina Shutter & Blinds products are many– our designers will measure your windows correctly the first time, you will avoid middleman mark-ups, and, by buying local, you’ll avoid the costs and delays of products that are shipped from overseas. Most importantly, you will know that you’re buying quality, American-made window treatments.

Let’s look at some products that facilitate lighting and temperature control.


We hand craft our composite plantation shutters in our Winston-Salem fabrication facility for ultimate durability, elegance, and value. Our signature Woodwinds Plantation Shutters have a lifetime warranty and a patented anti-static, moisture-resistant, and UV-protected finish. We make them in a variety of louver, panel, and frame options. And, because we custom craft each shutter, we are able to maintain tight control over quality and service.

Wood shutters are also an excellent choice for light and temperature control. Our wood shutters are also crafted by hand to custom standards in our Winston-Salem fabrication facility. Carolina Shutter & Blinds wood shutters provide durability, elegance, value, and outstanding temperature control. Our wood shutters are made from the highest-quality, hand inspected American-sourced woods. A tilt bar allows you to easily control the amount of light you want to admit into your space. Caroline Shutter & Blinds wood shutters are fabricated from anti-static, moisture-resistant, and UV protected materials and are available in a variety of louver, panel, and frame options. Our hard wood shutters are precision measured and cut, and then professionally installed. Stained and painted options are available, all precisely color matched.

For damp areas like bathrooms or laundry rooms, poly shutters are an ideal window covering because they are waterproof, functional, and durable. Our Carolina Shutter & Blinds professional designers will help you choose the best style for your needs while ensuring that all measurements are correct. Then, our factory craftsmen will hand make your poly shutters and our inspection team will closely check them to make sure they are perfect. Finally, our experienced and trusted installers will add the poly shutters to your home, office, or store. The result is peace of mind, the perfect look every time, and an excellent method of light and temperature control.


Wood blinds are timeless, traditional, and classic and are made from a variety of woods. Wood blinds are extremely versatile as they are available in a wide array of finishes or paint colors. Most often found in a horizontal style, they can be custom crafted for almost any window size or shape. When you need light and temperature control for a unique window or opening, wood blinds are an excellent solution.

Offering the look and feel of real wood, faux wood blinds are particularly durable and can withstand humidity, intense sun, and other extremes. Carolina Windows and Blinds can make faux wood blinds in many finishes and colors so that you get gorgeous style along with outstanding lighting control for your windows.

Vertical blinds are great for sliding glass doors and large windows are available in a number of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and fabric. You can select the lush look of drapery or a more minimal style or something in between depending upon your décor and taste. No matter what style you choose, your vertical blinds will provide plenty of light and privacy control.

An alternative to traditional vertical blinds, sliding panel blinds are an excellent shading solution for larger window coverings. Because they are cordless and ride on a track, they are child and pet friendly while still offering the look of luxury. The sheer style will allow lots of light or you can choose a room-darkening version.

In your office, commercial blinds protect your equipment and furniture from the sun and can save you money because they are energy efficient. You can choose wood, faux wood, metal, or fabric to enhance the office experience for your employees and clients.

Aluminum blinds are durable, versatile, and long lasting and are available in many colors, slat sizes, and finishes. Aluminum blinds are no longer the cheap looking window coverings we remember from decades ago. Today they provide optimum light control with a fashionable, sleek, and streamlined look.


With a unique construction engineered to save energy and to provide insulation, cellular and honeycomb shades have cellular pockets that trap the air so that your home stays cool in the summer and warm in winter. These energy-efficient shades are also available in many different textures, colors, pleat sizes, and fabrics from opaque to sheer so that they can complement the style of any room while still giving you light and temperature control.

Versatile Roman and pleated shades offer both traditional and contemporary looks and are available in many colors, fabrics, folds, and degrees of light control. Because of their hidden hardware, they provide a classic, uncluttered look making them a great fit with contemporary interiors.

Particularly effective in sunrooms and on patios, solar screen and roller shades are classic, elegant, and modern. They are engineered with a minimal light gap to provide extra privacy and to block UV rays so that your furniture, rugs, and artwork are protected. Because they are offered in different levels of opacity, you can control the amount of light allowed into your room.

And, for a touch of nature, woven wood and bamboo shades are perfect and they are also wonderful with modern décor. The durable material resists bending, breaking, and stretching while ensuring privacy and light control.

Sheers and shadings are optimal for light diffusion and to protect your artwork and furnishings from harmful UV rays. Available in variety of fabrics and in horizontal and vertical designs, these window coverings combine blinds with sheers. You can let in as much light as you like and still maintain privacy. You can also choose from either a vertical or a horizontal orientation.

And for your workplace, easy-to-operate commercial shades will let in natural light, insulate your office spaces, and enhance privacy all while conserving energy. Commercial shades are extra durable and are made to withstand the use of employees and customers.

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